UGT union directors visit Thyssenkrupp


Mr. Cándido Méndez and all the rest of UGT union directors visit our facilities in Thyssenkrupp, Mostoles.



As a new sign of closeness, commitment and strength of our UGT-TKEMS Union, on the last 8th October,2015, we were visited by the General Secretary UGT, Mr.Cándido Méndez joined by Mr. Carlos Romero (Sº Gral. MCA-UGT), Mariano Hoya (Sº Gral. MCA-UGT Madrid) y Luis Manuel Duque (Sº Gral. region southwest MCA-UGT Madrid).


(*) "UGT-MCA": UGT union for Metal, Construction and Allied sectors    /  TKEMS: Thyssenkrupp Elevators Manufacturing Spain.



Nowadays Thyssenkrupp is immersed in a new reorganizational process, with structural changes which affect directly to each and every employee of our company.

Due to this reason and in defense of our laboral rights, UGT directors wanted to know personally all the problems and concerns we have. Mr. Candido Mendez and all the rest of members forming the UGT General direction visit our factory, the Logistic center and offices building, taking care about the queries and proposals from all our workmates, without any discrimination about their job position held in TKEMS.

Based on a friendly and completely distended relationship, they had the chance to chat and know problems, comments and opinions from all and every TKEMS department.

As you all know, UGT-TKEMS union section is characterized by defending and raise your voice until ou highest management bodies, struggling with responsability for all our rights and -this time- there was no exception because your feedbacks were forwarded inmediately to our Human Resources Management, Production manager and CSC director. (Mr. Jesus Sanjurjo, Mr. Jose Luis Las Heras, Mr. J.A. Lozano, Mr. Manuel A. Alvarez  and  Mr. Pedro Martín).


Indeed, after this visit, we had a long meeting with Thyssenkrupp management where all the matters related with the current labor and the future of our organization were discussed.

Since they were lots of matters and very broad in scope, it is impossible to collect them in this short briefing note. Therefore, we suggest you to contact with your UGT union delegate for any further information about the dealt issues.

As always, we will be very happy to inform you with complete transparency and without any desire for prominence.



Thank you very much for all your support!!!

Sindical UGT-TKEMS Union
Thyssenkrupp managers with UGT
Thyssenkrupp heads with UGT
UGT always close to you
UGT always close to you
UGT visits our Thyssenkrupp factory
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